Soft Picaditas Mexicanas

Soft Picaditas Mexicanas

M.A. Kitchen

Savor the essence of Mexico with Picaditas Mexicanas – corn masa cakes, griddled to perfection, and adorned with salsa, onions, and cheese.  A timeless snack rooted in pre-Hispanic traditions, now a delectable culinary fusion. 

Step 1: Make the dough by mixing masa harina, water, and salt into a smooth, non-sticky dough, then divide into 20 portions. 

Step 2: Create masa cakes by pressing masa balls into thick discs between plastic sheets and cooking them on a hot skillet until brown spots form. 

Step 3: Pinch the edges and middle of the cakes to create ridges. 

Step 4: Top the cakes with salsa, onions, cheese, and a drizzle of lard or olive oil. 

Step 5: Enjoy your delicious picaditas hot off the skillet! 

Satisfy your cravings with these Soft Picaditas Mexicanas!

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