10 Authentic Mexican Desserts

Easy Mexican desserts to enjoy at your next party or to serve any day of the week. From the authentic capirotada, to the delicious spread like cajeta or the colorful Mexican jello, these delicious recipes will become a favorite for any Mexican food lovers!

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Mexican desserts are not only Tres Leches Cake or churros, and our top 10 selection proves that. Get to know more about the Mexican gastronomy with every one of those recipes, some of them even include a video to show you how easy is to make them!

1.- Cortadillos

Also know as Mexican pink cake or pastel de niños, Cortadillos is the perfect, delicious dessert for parties and gatherings.

Filled with strawberry or orange jam, this cake has a light and spongy texture and the easy decoration consist in a pink or white icing topped with sprinkles.

2.- Cajeta de Celaya

Oh yes, you can say this is one of the most traditional and authentic Mexican desserts out there. The name refers to the place where it was invented: Celaya, Guanajuato.

It requires only 2 (yes, TWO!) ingredients and a bit of patience before you can spread its goodness in a warm dinner roll, or on top of pancakes with it.

3.- Mexican Flan

Made with only 4 ingredients! This Mexican flan is what you need to end your meals any day of the week.

This popular Mexican dessert is deliciously silky, sweet to perfection (we don’t use condensed milk in our recipe) and can be made days ahead, making it also perfect for bringing to gatherings and parties.

4.- Carlota de Limón

Carlota de Limón is an Icebox Mexican cake with a delicious refreshing-tangy flavor. Is made with limes juice, condensed milk and cookies.

This is one of the favorites Mexican desserts out there because the recipe don’t even call for an oven, besides, it can be made ahead and enjoy any day of the week.

5.- Sweet Corn Tamales

That’s right! Tamales are not always savory and this recipe for tamales de elote (corn tamales) is the best proof of it. The recipe can be made with fresh or canned corn.

Their fluffy-moist texture, and the delicate and earthy flavor are just some of the reasons we love this authentic dish.

6.- Fresas con crema

Extremely easy to make, yet so delicious. Fresas con crema is one of those treats you’ll love to make when you crave something sweet but have no time for complicated and long Mexican desserts recipes.

Made in just about 10 minutes with simple ingredients and no fuss whatsoever, this popular and easy dessert is a keeper.

7.- Elote ice cream

For the corn lovers, you can’t miss this delicious and easy dessert. Is sweet to perfection, creamy, and scrumptious!

Our recipe features two ways for making this nieve de elote, both of them without using an ice cream maker! So you, your family, and your friends can enjoy this amazing treat.

8.- Mexican Jello

This colourful Mexican jello is a super fun idea to serve at your kid’s parties. Made with different flavours of gelatine it resembles a multi-coloured mosaic.

Either you decide to make it in individual portions or in a single mold, this jello will get lots of attention when you’ll serve it.

9.- Pan de Elote

Mexican sweet corn bread (pan de elote) is perhaps one of the most loved authentic Mexican desserts in the country and after your first bite, you’ll know why.

The fluffy bread texture, the hints of cinnamon and the delicate corn flavor makes this dessert a keeper. We love serving it warm, drizzled with melted butter and paired with café de olla.

10.- Capirotada

Capirotada is a traditional dessert made with bolillo rolls, raisins, peanuts and queso fresco. All drizzled with a scrumptious piloncillo syrup and served mostly during the Lent season.

This casserole dessert is something you should really try at least once. The savory kick from the cheese goes nicely with the rest of the ingredients.

Enjoyed our selection of Authentic Mexican desserts?

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