Easy  Mexican Garnachas

Easy  Mexican Garnachas

M.A. Kitchen

This easy Mexican Garnachas recipe features crispy, fried corn tortillas topped with savory shredded beef, salsa, onions, and cheese.  Learn how to make these street-food delights at home.

Step 1: Simmer meat with onion, garlic, and salt until tender, then shred and set aside. 

Step 2: Combine cabbage, onions, carrots, green chilies, lime juice, vinegar, oregano, and water. Season with salt and set aside. 

Step 3: Blend tender guajillo chilies, tomatoes, cooking water, garlic, peppercorns, and salt, then thicken in lard or oil. 

Step 4: Mix masa harina with water to form dough. Shape into discs and cook on a hot skillet until dark spots appear. 

Step 5: Heat lard or oil, fry corn cakes, top with meat, sauce, onions, and cheese. Serve with cabbage salad on the side. Enjoy! 

Satisfy your cravings with this Easy Mexican Garnachas!

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