Chorizo Con Huevos

Chorizo Con Huevos

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Huevos con chorizo is a popular Mexican breakfast recipe that combines scrambled eggs with spicy sausages. You can serve it with classic sides, tacos with salsa, or as breakfast burritos.



- 14 oz Mexican chorizo sausages (about 4 links) - 6 medium eggs - 2 Tbsp oil (olive, sunflower, )  - salt and pepper (to taste) 



Step 1: Heat the oil  and add chorizo and cook for about 7 min. crumbling it with a wooden spoon until has cooked through and is lightly crispy.


Step 2: Pour eggs (seasoned with salt and pepper) into the pan with the chorizo and stir to combine.


Step 3: Cook until eggs are set to your liking. Serve immediately or store them for later.

We love this  traditional Mexican breakfast!

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