Enjoy this agua de limón con chia, a refreshing Mexican drink with a tangy and slightly sweet taste perfect to enjoy during warm days. This chia water is super easy to make and perfect to boost your system!

Agua de limón con chia is a popular Mexican beverage that consists of water mixed with lime juice, sugar, and chia seeds. Is also known as lemon chia water in English.

This drink belongs to the category of aguas frescas which are soft beverages made of fruits, seeds, or flowers. They are sold all over the country in the streets or in ice cream parlors.

This agua de limón con chia recipe is gluten-free and vegan and can be made with any sweetener you prefer, not only regular sugar. I like to make it also sugar-free which is super refreshing so you can drink it all day long, especially on hot days.

Agua de chia con limon served in glasses with ice, lemon slices and mint leaves.

Why You Should Make It

  • Refreshing & healthy: What can be more refreshing than a glass of agua de limón con chía? This drink is the perfect beverage not only for the summer but pretty much all year round as is not only delicious but also full of nutrients thanks to the citrus and chia seeds.
  • It is delicious and has texture: It has a tangy and sweet taste, and besides being refreshing it has some nice chewy texture from the chia seeds, which are like little bubbles bursting in your mouth!
  • It is budget-friendly: And last, but not least, this chia water is also very cheap compared to the store-bought chia drinks that are so popular right now.


  • Limes: Limes have a distinct tart and acidic flavor, this should be your first option, but in case you can’t find them, use regular yellow lemons.
  • Chia seeds: Chia seeds are widely available at whole food stores and supermarkets, you can also look for them on Amazon.
  • Water: It has to be at room temperature, you can use still water or sprinkle water for a fun fizz.
  • Sweetener: Use any type of sweetener you prefer like granulated sugar, brown sugar, stevia, monk fruit, piloncillo, or miel de agave.
Ingredients for agua de limon con chia placed on a kitchen surface.

How To Make Agua De Limón Con Chía

Juice some of the limes in a cup, don’t juice all as this recipe can be made according to your taste preferences, so you can add more lime juice later.

Squeezing limes juice into a cup.

Place a strainer over a pitcher and add the lime juice.

You can also juice the limes directly in the pitcher so you don’t have another dish to wash!

Straining the lime juice into a pitcher.

Add the water to the pitcher and then the sweetener you prefer, we used agave syrup, but as I said before, you can use any type of sweetener you prefer.

Adding sweetener to the pitcher with lime water.

Now, add chia seeds slowly and mix for 2 minutes to allow the seeds to hydrate and plump.

Pro Tip: To prevent the chia seeds from clumping, make sure you slowly add them while whisking vigorously.

Stirring the chia seeds in the lime water.

Taste and adjust flavors to your preference by adding more lime or lemon juice, sugar, etc.

Fill glasses with ice and add some lime slices and other garnishes if you want.

Agua de limon con chia prepared and some glasses with ice on the side.

Pour in agua de limón con chia and enjoy with your favorite foods or just as a refreshing treat.

Recipe Notes

  • Make sure to use room-temperature water so it will be easier for the granulated sugar to dissolve.
  • Add the chia seeds slowly while whisking vigorously. This way the seeds have the time to soak separately and won’t clump.
  • I always add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds for every 5-6 cups of water. But of course, more can be added if you want to. Just don’t forget that chia seeds absorb water and create a gelatinous texture, so don’t add too many. We’re making a light, refreshing chia fresca here, not a pudding.
  • You can also place the chia water in the fridge to chill for 1-2 hours instead of serving it immediately.
Agua de limón con chía served in glasses with ice and lime wedges.

How To Store

Agua de limón con chia lasts up to 2 days in the fridge. I don’t recommend storing it longer since the lime juice will become bitter and spoil the flavor.

The best thing you can do is make only the amount you intend to drink that day. This Mexican drink is so easy to prepare that there’s no need to make it ahead.


What is agua fresca?

The history of agua fresca goes back to pre-Hispanic times when the Aztecs would travel from Tenochtitlán (today Mexico City) to other locations to buy food and sell their goods.
Along the way, the people would collect berries and muddle them with water to create refreshing drinks that will keep them hydrated during their long travels.
To this day, aguas frescas can be found literally everywhere sold in large jugs displaying all the flavors available.

What is chía?

Chia are edible seeds native to Mexico and Guatemala. In Mexico, those seeds are mainly used to add to drinks but there are also sweets prepared with them, for example, the pre-Hispanic Pinole. The nutritional properties of chia are well known as they contain: Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Where to buy chia seeds?

In Mexico. You can find it almost at any supermarket or local farmer’s market (look for the people who sell spices, they will likely sell chia seeds by weight). You can look for the as “semillas de chía”
Other countries. Look at your local whole food/organic food store, these little seeds have become very popular and they are sold often in those stores. Or search in Amazon, Latin markets, and some local supermarkets in the international aisle.

Why are my chia seeds clumped together?

This can be because the sugar hasn’t dissolved properly. Make sure your water is at room temperature and not cold from the fridge. Then keep mixing until the sugar dissolves well.

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Agua de limón con chía recipe.

Agua de Limón con Chía

4 servings
This agua de limón con chía is the perfect summer drink. Tangy, sweet, and full of nutrients, you won't believe how easy is to make!
prep 10 minutes
total 10 minutes


  • 4 limes
  • 1 Tbsp chia seeds
  • 6 cups water (room temperature)
  • 4 Tbsp brown sugar (or ¼ cup agave syrup)

For serving

  • ice cubes (as needed)
  • 1 lime or lemon (cut into slices)
  • mint leaves (optional)


  • Place water in a large pitcher.
  • Squeeze the limes over a strainer into the pitcher.
  • Add sugar or agave syrup and mix until well dissolved.
  • Stir in the chia seeds slowly while whisking vigorously. Keep mixing for 2 minutes to allow the seeds to soak well.
  • Taste and adjust the flavor to your preference by adding more lime juice or sugar.
  • Fill glasses with ice and pour the agua de limón.
  • Garnish with lime or lemon slices and mint leaves. Enjoy.


  • Add chia slowly while whisking vigorously. This way the seeds have the time to soak separately and add a nice texture instead of becoming a mess.
  • Allow the drink to rest for at least 30 minutes. Preferably a couple of hours.
  • I always add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds for every 5-6 cups of water. 
  • Use another kind of sweeteners if you prefer, like honey, stevia, monk fruit, etc.
Nutrition Information
Serving: 1 serving | Calories: 85kcal | Carbohydrates: 22g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 0.1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 0.1g | Trans Fat: 0.01g | Sodium: 23mg | Potassium: 114mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 13g | Vitamin A: 43IU | Vitamin C: 24mg | Calcium: 67mg | Iron: 1mg
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