Maricruz in her kitchen.

Hola & Ciao! My name is Maricruz, I am a Mexican cook and photographer living in Italy with my husband Massimiliano and our two very spoiled dogs, Taita and Lalla.

GET IN TOUCH – Want to get in touch with me? Drop me an email at [email protected]

What recipes you’ll find in this blog

  • MEXICAN: Made with ingredients that I can find overseas while trying to stay as authentic as possible.
  • ITALIAN RECIPES: From time to time. With options for you to make anywhere where you live so you can enjoy the traditional Italian cuisine.
  • TEX-MEX: And Mexican-American simple recipes that some readers have asked for.

My husband and I take care of this blog. I write the recipes and photograph them, while my husband edit the videos.

Disclaimer: Our blog was called before “un cappuccino la mattina”, we decided to change the name in 2021.