Easy  Elote  En Vaso Recipe

Easy  Elote  En Vaso Recipe

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Elote en Vaso, also known as Mexican Corn in a Cup, features tender corn, creamy cheese, zesty lime juice, and hot sauce served in a cup. Learn how to make it with this easy recipe!

Step 1: Remove husks and silk, then wash and dry the corn. 

Step 2: Boil the corn kernels with onion, cilantro, butter, and salt until tender (8-10 minutes). 

Step 3: Remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture cool to room temperature.

Step 4: In each cup, layer corn kernels, cream, cheese, and hot sauce. Serve with a spoon and a lime wedge. Enjoy 

Enjoy your delicious  Elote en Vaso!

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