Mexican Street Food

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The name tostilocos comes from two words: Tostitos, a famous Mexican brand of tortilla chips, and the Spanish word “loco”, which means “crazy”.  So, tostilocos means crazy tortilla chips.


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Is made with various Mexican candies, snacks, hot sauces, and chili powder.


And various types of fruits such as mango, jícama, cucumbers...


Step 1

The chips. In a serving plate, make a layer of tostitos corn chips. You can use any type of tostitos: natural, spicy, etc.

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Step 2

Add fruit. Next, add a layer with diced fruit and veggies such as mango, jícama, cucumbers, etc.

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Step 3

Add the fun. Add tamarind Mexican candies, spicy chips, and crunchy Japanese peanuts.

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Step 4

The spicy kick. Drizzle with hot salsas, anything you have available, and then sprinkle chili powder. Finish with a good squeeze of lime...

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Serve and enjoy!


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