Beef Birria Ramen

Beef Birria Ramen

M.A. Kitchen

Savor the fusion magic of Beef Birria Ramen: a delectable blend of Mexican birria stew and Japanese noodles, creating a flavor explosion in every bite.   Try this with just 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Soak chilies, blend with roasted tomatoes, onion, spices, water, and vinegar into a smooth sauce. 

Step 2: Coat meat with chili sauce, add water, salt, then pressure cook for 40 minutes and natural release. 

Step 3: Follow package instructions for noodles; boil eggs separately and marinate. Divide noodles into bowls. 

Step 4: Add chopped birria meat, pour hot consomé, top with sliced boiled egg, onions, cilantro. 

Step 5: Garnish with lime and chili oil. Enjoy your Beef Birria Ramen! 

Enjoy your Beef Birria Ramen!

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