Authentic Chicken Pozole Verde

Authentic Chicken Pozole Verde

M.A. Kitchen

This Authentic Chicken Pozole Verde recipe features tender chicken simmered in a delicious soup with hominy and zesty salsa verde.  Top it with chopped onion, cabbage, radishes, and a squeeze of lime for a delightful and refreshing dish. 

Step 1: Cook hominy and chicken in a pot, then remove onion and garlic, setting chicken aside.

Step 2: Blend tomatillo salsa with herbs and veggies until smooth. 

Step 3: Mix green sauce with hominy and simmer briefly. 

Step 4: Shred chicken and optionally make spicy salsa. 

Step 5: Serve pozole verde in bowls with chicken, toppings, and optional spicy salsa. Enjoy! 

Enjoy your Authentic Chicken Pozole Verde!

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