Mexican Street Corn Slaw Recipe

Mexican Street Corn Slaw Recipe

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Elevate your fiesta with Mexican Street Corn Slaw recipe! Sweet, tangy, and mildly spicy, this flavorful side dish transforms elote's essence into a perfect BBQ companion! 

Step 1: Preheat grill pan on medium-high. Grill corn 10-15 mins, rotating with tongs.

Step 2: Cool grilled corn on a plate, then carefully cut kernels from the cob with a knife. 

Step 3: Combine the corn kernels with cabbage, onions, jalapeños, and ⅔ of the queso fresco.

Step 4: Whisk dressing with cream, lime juice, spices, salt, and pepper. 

Step 5: Toss veggies with dressing, chill 20-30 mins, top with remaining queso fresco. 

Sweet, tangy, and subtly spicy, perfect for fiestas and BBQs! 

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