Ensalada de pollo

Mexican Chicken Salad

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Ensalada de pollo is a nostalgic Mexican dish packed with bold flavors. A chunky chicken salad perfect to feed a crowd



Step 1

Cook the chicken. Use chicken breast, thighs, or drumsticks. Boil with garlic and bay leaves until tender. TIP: You can also use rotisserie chicken and skip the cooking!

Step 2

Shred the chicken. After cooking and when is still warm, shred the chicken with two forks or use a mixer. Allow to cool down.

Step 3

Mixing time. Add all vegetables and shredded chicken to a large bowl, make sure everything is at room temperature.

Step 3

Add creaminess. Add mayonnaise and Mexican cream, then mix unti nicely coated. TIP: Sub Mexican cream with yogurt if you have to.

Place on a serving plate and serve!


...top crispy tostadas


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