Easy  Pasta alla Boscaiola

Easy  Pasta alla Boscaiola

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Pasta alla Boscaiola may sound fancy, but it's a cozy comfort dish with Italian sausage, mushrooms, and rosemary.  Perfect for a hearty pick-me-up! 

Step 1: Heat olive oil, sauté garlic briefly, then remove. Cook onion, Italian sausage, and pancetta until browned (3 mins). 

Step 2: Add mushrooms, cook for 2 mins. 

Step 3: Pour in tomato sauce, add rosemary, and ½ cup water. Season and mix. 

Step 4: Cover, cook for 5 mins. Uncover, adjust thickness.  

Step 5: Cook pasta, add to sauce. Toss, serve with parmigiano-reggiano and parsley. 

Enjoy this easy Pasta alla Boscaiola!

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