Crispy Plátanos Fritos

Crispy Plátanos Fritos

M.A. Kitchen

Indulge in Crispy Plátanos Fritos, a blend of ripe plantains' natural sweetness and irresistible crispiness.  Quick delight at home, a perfect sweet side or dessert with condensed milk or cajeta. 

Step 1: Peel and slice plantains. 

Step 2: Heat oil in pan over medium heat .Fry plantain slices in single layer.

Step 3: Cook 2-3 mins each side, golden brown. 

Step 4: Drain fried plantains on paper towels. 

Step 5: Drizzle with condensed milk, sprinkle cinnamon. Enjoy!

Enjoy this sweet and super easy-to-make treat at home. 

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