Craving that fluffy, flavorful Mexican rice to complete your taco night or enchilada extravaganza? Look no further! We’ve got a whole fiesta of Mexican rice side dish ideas coming your way. We’re talking classics, veggie-packed options, and even some smoky, cheesy goodness. So ditch the boring white rice and get ready to level up your Mexican food game with these easy and delicious recipes!

Arroz Blanco

Image credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

Arroz Blanco (white rice) preparation is straightforward and uncomplicated; it entails sautéing the rice with either oil or butter, then simmering it alongside vegetables and a savory blend of stock, onion, and garlic known as recaudo blanco. Make Arroz Blanco recipe.

Cilantro Lime Rice in Rice Cooker

Cilantro lime rice in a bowl.
Image credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

Making cilantro lime rice in a rice cooker not only simplifies the process but also ensures even and consistent cooking. With rice cookers designed for uniform results, the risk of ending up with overcooked or undercooked rice is significantly reduced! Get the easy recipe for Cilantro Lime Rice.

Arroz Verde

Arroz verde in a bowl with lime wedges.
Image credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

Delightfully fragrant and delicious, this Mexican green rice, also known as arroz verde, is effortlessly crafted at home. A staple in Mexican cuisine, this side dish serves as the perfect complement for chicken and seafood dishes. Get the Arroz Verde recipe.

Arroz a la Mantequilla

Fluffing arroz a la mantequilla with a fork.

Arroz a la mantequilla is a Mexican side dish showcasing rice that is flavorful, buttery, garlicky, soft, and tender. Ideal for pairing with proteins or enjoying on its own, it makes for a quick and satisfying lunch any day of the week. Make the Arroz a la Mantequilla recipe.

Vegan Mexican Rice Casserole

Mexican rice casserole.
Image credit: My Pure Pants.

Here’s one of the fastest and simplest recipes for a Mexican-style vegan rice casserole, featuring incredibly meaty vegan ground beef, abundant black beans, and sweet corn in a zesty tomato-based sauce. You can whip it up in just 30 minutes, including baking time and melting a generous layer of vegan shredded cheese on top.

Cilantro Lime Brown Rice

Cilantro lime brown rice in a bowl.
Image credit: The Feathered Nester.

There’s a certain allure to those tender, fluffy, and flavorful grains that keeps drawing you in! With this Copycat Chipotle brown rice recipe, you can replicate the restaurant’s nutritious side dish without ever stepping out of your home!

Chorizo Rice

Chorizo and rice in a bowl.
Image credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

Filled with authentic Mexican flavors, this chorizo rice is both fluffy and fragrant, delivering a seriously delicious experience! Enjoy this chorizo-infused rice either on its own or as a delectable side dish for your favorite Mexican meals. Get the Chorizo Rice recipe.

Authentic Arroz Rojo

Mexican red rice in a turquoise plate.
Image credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

This fluffy and delicious and authentic Mexican red rice, known as arroz rojo, is brimming with a myriad of flavors. Discover the simplicity of making it at home using basic ingredients and savor it alongside your preferred Mexican dishes! Get the Arroz Rojo recipe.

Tajín Rice

Tajín rice in a pan.
Image credit: The Fiery Vegetarian.

Crafting this delicious yet straightforward Tajín rice recipe demands only six ingredients, with Tajín Clasico seasoning taking the spotlight. The result is a fantastic side dish that can be tailored to be either vegetarian or vegan, depending on the choice of butter.

Mexican Rice Salad

Image credit: Noble Veggies.

This delicious Cold Mexican Rice Salad brings together the tangy notes of lime juice, fragrant spices, and a medley of fresh vegetables and rice, resulting in a delightful dish suitable for any occasion. The best part is its effortless preparation, making it an excellent option for lunch, meal prep, or potluck gatherings.

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