How To Make SOPES

From scratch

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A staple in Mexican cuisine

Sopes are a type of corn tortilla in a small and thick format with a border around it that serves to contain various ingredients.

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Ingredients: You only need 2 ingredients to make them,  masa harina (flour) and water.


To form the dough, just combine them until smooth. The texture is similar to play-dough and can be adjusted by adding more water or flour.


Divide. The dough into portions. Then make a sort of pattie with your hands. Make sure to moist your hands when doing this step.

Use a press

You can also use a heavy dish or a tortilla press to make the sopes. You will need 2 plastic sheets to flat the dough and prevent it from sticking on the surface.


Cook the corn sopes on a hot griddle or comal.  1 minute per side would be enough.


Make the edges using a clean kitchen towel or kitchen paper and pinching around the sope. Sopes need to be still warm/hot to be able to shape the edge.

Fry sopes slightly and serve with your favorite toppings or make any of our authentic sope recipes.



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