ensalada de coditos

Mexican macaroni salad with ham and pineapple

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Ensalada de coditos is also known in Mexico with other names, such as ensalada fría, ensalada fría de coditos, ensalada de coditos con jamón, ensalada de jamón y coditos.

Codito(s) in Spanish translate to elbow in English



Elbow pasta (coditos), ham, carrots, corn, pineapple, and pickled jalapeños for the salad.


Mustard, jalapeños brine, mayonnaise, Mexican cream, salt, and pepper. TIP: Sub Mexican cream with yogurt if needed!

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Step 1

Prep pasta. Cook Mexican coditos, drain it and place it in a bowl.  Coat with mayo and allow to cool down.

Step 2

Add the fun. Add all veggies, ham, and pineapple. Then add all ingredients for dressing and mix nicely...

Step 3

Mix, mix. Until everything is wonderful combined...

Serve and enjoy!


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