How to make the best CHAMPURRADO

An ancient and traditional Mexican drink.

Champurrado history

Originally, the Aztecs would drink a beverage called atole. The champurrado is a variant which contained cocoa beans to sweeten it.

The traditional recipe use chocolate, cinnamon, water, piloncillo and nixtamalized corn dough.

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Piloncillo, cinnamon and chocolate need to be simmered first to dissolve and infuse the beverage.

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Modern recipes includes other  aromas and spices, such as whole cloves, orange peel, or vanilla.

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The masa

Nixtamalized corn flour, also know as "masa harina" is used as a thickening agent.

Have some patience, simmering at low heat and stirring constantly is the key.

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Don't leave champurrado unattended...

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With tamales!

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Or Pan de Muerto


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