Mexican Potato Tacos

Authentic Recipe

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Traditional crispy tacos de papa perfect to serve during Lent season (Cuaresma). This easy recipe is also budget-friendly, delicious, and highly customizable!


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First, make the sauce: Boil and peel tomatoes, blend them with water, garlic, cumin, and pepper.  Cook the sauce with a bit of oil in a pot until it thickens.

Step 1

Make the potato mixture. Boil potatoes until fork-tender, peel them and mash them into a bowl. Mix with cheese, paprika, cumin, pepper,  salt, and garlic powder.

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Step 2

Assemble. Lay one tortilla flat and fill half with a spoonful of the potatoes mixture.  Fold in half and press down lightly.  Make as many as you can until all potato mixture is used.

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Step 3

Fry. Fry "tacos de papa" in hot oil until golden and crispy. About 2 minutes per side.

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Step 4

Serve. With plenty of tomato sauce, onion, lettuce, and cheese. If you like spicy food, add also your favorite Mexican salsa!

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