Elevate your mealtime with these savory fiesta bowls that promise to tantalize your taste buds with every vibrant bite. From hearty bean and corn salads to refreshing citrus-infused greens, these bowls encapsulate the essence of Mexico’s culinary richness.

Mexican Christmas Salad

Image credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

Mexican Christmas salad is known as Ensalada Navideña and it features chunks of apples, pineapple, and seasonal ingredients. It boasts a delightful blend of sweet and tangy flavors, accompanied by a delightful chunky texture. It serves as an ideal complement to roasted turkey or ham. Get Mexican Christmas Salad recipe.

Mexican Cabbage Salad

Mexican cabbage salad in a white bowl.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

Enjoy the crisp and tangy goodness of Mexican Cabbage Salad, a perfect accompaniment to tacos, tostadas, and grilled meats. Quick, refreshing, and versatile, it adds a zesty touch to any dish. It is perfect for seafood and grilled meats too. Get the recipe: Mexican Cabbage Salad.

Ensalada de Pollo

Ensalada de Pollo, also known as Mexican chicken salad, on a plate with some tostadas on the side.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

A Mexican chicken salad packed with fresh veggies, shredded chicken, and a tangy mayo-crema blend, it’s delicious on crispy tortillas or as a sandwich filling, offering a delightful mix of flavors and textures. Perfect for potlucks and picnics. Get the recipe: Ensalada de Pollo

Ensalada de Atún

Ensalada de Atún, also known as
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

A zesty Mexican tuna salad perfect for appetizers, office or school lunches, or quick meals. Made with canned tuna, mayo, and veggies, it boasts a tangy, mildly spicy flavor and a creamy texture, accentuated by the vibrant kick of pickled jalapeños. Get the recipe: Ensalada de Atún.

Chipotle Potato Salad

An overhead of Chipotle potato salad in a bowl and some garnishes on the side.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

Tender potatoes coated in creamy chipotle dressing offer a smoky kick, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. Whether for Sunday brunch, park picnics, or family dinners, this dish is a crowd-pleaser, leaving everyone craving seconds. Get the recipe: Chipotle Potato Salad.

Mexican Caviar Salad

Mexican caviar salad in a turquoise bowl with tortilla chips and lime wedges scattered around.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

This versatile dish, also known as cowboy caviar, serves as a perfect dip or side for gatherings, potlucks, and barbecues. It features a delightful medley of beans, corn, and fresh veggies coated in zesty lime dressing. Get the recipe: Mexican Caviar Salad.

Grilled Corn and Avocado Salad

Grilled corn and avocado salad in a serving plate with lime wedges, and spring onions scattered around.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

Charred corn, creamy avocados, crispy spring onions, and sautéed veggies come together in a tangy lime dressing. Versatile as a side, topping, or dip, this dish adds a delightful crunch to any meal. Perfect for barbecues, parties, or picnics! Get the recipe: Grilled Corn Salad.

Ensalada Verde

Ensalada Verde, or simple green salad, placed on a bowl and a portion served on a small plate on the side. Seen from above.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

This simple and healthy Mexican salad is a refreshing side, perfect for any meal. It features a vibrant mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions, dressed in a zesty lime vinaigrette. Get the recipe: Ensalada Verde.

Ensalada de Coditos

Closeup of ensalada de coditos on a plate.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

A delightful macaroni salad featuring elbow pasta, ham, and a hint of pineapple. Creamy and vibrant, it’s a quick and versatile dish that is ready in under 30 mins. It’s perfect for BBQs, holidays, and parties. Get the recipe: Ensalada de Coditos.

Corn Tuna Salad

Corn tuna salad in a bowl with wedges of lemon and a bowl with green onions on the background.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

This salad features a delightful blend of sweet corn, canned tuna, crunchy peppers, and zesty spring onions. Tossed in a tangy yogurt-mayo-lemon dressing, this dish offers a harmonious mix of flavors, perfect for a quick and tasty treat! Get the recipe: Corn Tuna Salad

Taco Salad

Overhead of taco salad in a bowl with some tacos scattered around.
Photo Credit: Ketofocus.

Taco Salad is a quick, customizable weeknight delight featuring seasoned ground beef, tortilla chips, and vibrant toppings. Drizzle with sour cream and salsa for a spicy kick. Perfect for busy nights! Get the recipe: Taco Salad.

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Maricruz Avalos Flores is a Mexican cook and photographer living in Italy where she shares authentic Mexican & Italian recipes that can be easily made at home using easy-to-find ingredients.

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