This is the secret to a delightful family treat! Step into the world of homemade donuts with those 10 super easy recipes. A joy-filled kitchen adventure of mixing, frying, and decorating. Grab your ingredients, embrace the mess, and begin your own yummy donut-making journey. Get ready to savor the enchanting delight!

Pancake Mix Donuts

Photo credit: Practically Homemade.

Indulge in Pancake Mix Donuts with Maple Glaze – a breakfast delight made easy with Bisquick. Forget regular pancakes once you’ve savored these. The magic? A perfect pancake-donut fusion, crowned with a delectable maple glaze. Effortless and scrumptious, thanks to Bisquick! Get the recipe: Pancake Mix Donuts.

Chai Donuts

A beautiful arrangement of chai infused donuts on a white surface.
Photo credit: Shugary Sweets.

Bake up autumn warmth with this recipe – a cozy blend of chai spices and maple sweetness. No frying fuss, just easy, spicy goodness. Swap chocolate for chai, and embrace the fall flavor! Get the recipe: Chai Donuts.

Crumbl Pink Donut Cookies

Half bitted pink donut.
Photo credit: Lifestyle of a Foodie.

Discover a delightful twist with this dish– thick, chewy sugar cookies adorned with homemade pink glaze and rainbow sprinkles. It’s a playful, buttery treat that’s simply irresistible! Yum! Get the recipe: Crumbl Pink Donut Cookies.

Lemon Blueberry Donuts

Lemon blueberry donuts piled.
Photo credit: Fit and Full.

Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with Healthy Keto Lemon Blueberry Donuts. Blend almond flour, sweetener, baking powder, and salt. Mix eggs, almond milk, lemon juice, lemon zest, melted butter, and vanilla. Gently fold in blueberries. Bake, glaze with a zesty lemon touch—impress with sugar-free goodness! Get the recipe: Lemon Blueberry Donuts.

Sourdough Discard Donuts

Donuts and dusted with confectioner's sugar on a wire rack.
Photo credit: Season and Thyme.

Turn sourdough discard into a delightful treat with this easy Sourdough Discard Donuts Recipe. Fluffy and delicious, these donuts sweeten your sourdough experience. Top with powdered sugar for perfection. Learn sourdough success tips, like securing a mature starter and using a kitchen scale for precision. Get the recipe: Sourdough Discard Donuts.

Vanilla Glazed Baked Donuts

Pink glazed donuts on a wire rack.
Photo credit: Little Sweet Baker.

Enjoy soft, fluffy homemade donuts with a heavenly vanilla aroma. Topped with a sweet vanilla glaze, these healthier baked treats are a breeze to make in just one bowl. Celebrate a fellow blogger’s baby shower with a festive pink glaze and colorful sprinkles, making them as joyful as the occasion. Get the recipe: Vanilla Glazed Baked Donuts.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Roll Donuts

Whole wheat cinnamon roll donuts on a vintage wire rack.
Photo credit: The Oregon Dietitian.

Enjoy a holiday brunch treat with this recipe—healthy, fluffy, and bursting with cinnamon goodness. Topped with a scrumptious cinnamon crumble and vanilla glaze, these moist delights perfectly blend the joy of cinnamon rolls and donuts. Time to bake up holiday bliss! Get the recipe: Whole Wheat Cinnamon Roll Donuts.

Pumpkin Filled Donuts

Pumpkin filled donuts in a tin and small pumpkins on the side.
Photo credit: Delicious Little Bites.

Fall in love with this donut—perfectly fried, golden outside, soft inside, and filled with sweet pumpkin spice pudding. Roll in cinnamon sugar for pure delight. A must-try for fall comfort—irresistible and reminiscent of pumpkin pie! Get the recipe: Pumpkin Filled Donuts.

Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Donuts

Close-up of cinnamon roll donuts with the glaze dripping.
Photo credit: Chenee Today.

Upgrade your love for Krispy Kreme’s cinnamon roll donuts with these easy Pillsbury cinnamon roll donuts—fried or baked, no yeast needed! A simple and decadent twist on canned cinnamon rolls, perfect with a cozy cup of coffee or homemade hot chocolate. Irresistibly good! Get the recipe: Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Donuts.

Baked Chocolate Donuts

Close-up of a chocolate donut.
Photo credit: Shugary Sweets.

Experience the simplicity of a classic oven-baked delight, ready in under an hour! Transform your breakfast table with these homemade treats, avoiding the frying fuss. A one-bowl wonder featuring a rich chocolate glaze and playful sprinkles for a delightful twist. Get the recipe: Baked Chocolate Donuts.

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