Embark on a culinary adventure with those fall pumpkin recipes to make at home. From velvety soups to hearty pasta creations, each bite unveils the magic of this beloved autumn ingredient.

Pumpkin Vodka Pasta

Photo Credit: Home Cooking Collective.

Indulge in a captivating variation of the traditional vodka sauce with Pumpkin Vodka Pasta. This dish seamlessly combines velvety, cheesy pumpkin with a delightful touch of warmth. Ideal for hectic weeknights, it comes together in a mere 30 minutes, ensuring a swift and indulgent dining experience for any day of the week. Get the recipe: Pumpkin Vodka Pasta.

Pumpkin Spice Waffles

Stacked of pumpkin waffles.
Photo Credit: Our Wabi Sabi Life

Savor the finest Pumpkin Spice Waffles, which are moist, fluffy, and filled with pumpkin pie goodness. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, or dessert, top them with whipped cream and cinnamon for an authentic fall flavor celebration. Get the recipe: Best Ever Pumpkin Spice Waffle Recipe.

Pipian Verde

Pipian verde and rice on a plate.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores

Made with pepitas (pumpkin seeds), pipian is a Mexican culinary masterpiece from central and southern regions. Versatile, rich, and authentically flavorful, this sauce adds a touch of history to your table. Get the recipe: Pipian Verde.

Easy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

Pumpkin pasta on a plate.
Photo Credit: Spoonful of Flavor

Elevate your pasta night with our Easy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce. A simple blend of ingredients and pumpkin puree transforms your meal into a creamy delight. Pour it over fettuccine, penne, or spaghetti for a delicious and hassle-free dinner experience! Get the recipe: Pumpkin Pasta Sauce.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Stacked of pumpkin pancakes.
Photo Credit: I Heart Eating

Whip up the best one-bowl pumpkin pancakes for a quick, delicious treat. In just 5 minutes, savor their melt-in-your-mouth fluffiness, lightly sweetened and spiced, perfect any time! Get the recipe: Pumpkin Pancakes.

Quesadillas de Flor de Calabaza

Quesadillas de flor de calabaza on a plate.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores

Explore Mexican culinary tradition with Quesadillas De Flor De Calabaza. Stuffed with cheese and squash blossoms, these corn tortillas, served hot with salsa, deliver a simple yet transformative dining experience. Get the recipe: Quesadillas de Flor de Calabaza.

Easy Brown “Butter” and Sage Pumpkin Soup

Various pumpkin soup on a bowl.
Photo Credit: Easy Chickpeasy

Whip up a delicious fall treat in 15 minutes with this quick and creamy pumpkin soup recipe. No more peeling and chopping – just use canned pumpkin for a hassle-free experience. Enjoy the flavors of fall effortlessly. Get the recipe: Pumpkin Soup.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip

Closeup of pumpkin cream cheese dip with slices of apple on the side.
Photo Credit: A Country Girl’s Life

Discover an effortless Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip, a quick-fix delight for any occasion. Ready in minutes, this luscious recipe guarantees a delectable touch, elevating your dishes with a special flair. Get the recipe: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip Recipe.

Pumpkin Empanadas

Various pumpkin empanadas on a cooling rack.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores

Enjoy the warmth of Latin tradition with Pumpkin Empanadas (Empanadas de Calabaza). A delicate blend of pumpkin, spices, and sweetness encased in golden dough, delivering a comforting and delightful bite-sized dessert. Get the recipe: Pumpkin Empanadas.

Calabaza en Tacha

Closeup of mexican candied Pumpkin with drizzle.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores

Immerse yourself in autumnal bliss with Mexican Candied Pumpkin (Calabaza en Tacha). This classic dessert harmonizes caramelized spices, exuding an enchanting aroma, cherished under various names like Calabaza en Dulce and Dulce de Calabaza. Get the recipe: Mexican Candied Pumpkin.

Goats Cheese and Pumpkin Salad

Goats cheese and pumpkin salad on a plate.
Photo Credit: Hungry Healthy Happy

Bask in the autumn glory with Roasted Pumpkin Salad, proving salads are a treat anytime. Lush greens, beetroot, and creamy goat cheese unite to win over even the salad skeptics. Enjoy it as a filling main or a delightful side! Get the recipe: Goats Cheese and Pumpkin Salad.

Pumpkin Galette

Sliced pumpkin gallete.
Photo Credit: In The Kitch

The cozy aroma of our savory Pumpkin Galette, a crispy pastry hugging a rich pumpkin blend. With shallots, goat cheese, and fresh thyme, this twist on tradition promises a uniquely delightful feast for your senses. Get the recipe: Pumpkin Galette.

Pumpkin Rumchata Martini

Pumpkin rumchata martini on a glass.
Photo Credit: The Littlest Crumb

The Pumpkin RumChata Martini is a delightful fusion of homemade pumpkin syrup, RumChata, and vanilla vodka, offering a delectable post-dinner dessert drink that elevates your evening indulgence. Get the recipe: Pumpkin Rumchata Martini.

Pumpkin Atole

Atole de Calabaza in a cup.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores.

A cherished traditional drink blending pumpkin, piloncillo, and masa harina. This rich brew boasts an earthy sweetness and a luxurious thickness, perfect for breakfast or afternoon delights. Get the recipe: Atole de Calabaza Recipe (pumpkin atole).

Hasselback Butternut Squash

Hasselback butternut squash on a plate.
Photo Credit: Blend with Spices

Savor the holiday spirit with Hasselback Butternut Squash. A delightful fusion of ease and elegance, it’s seasoned with thyme and garlic for a festive side dish that captures the essence of winter. Get the recipe: Hasselback Butternut Squash.

Pumpkin Flan

A whole flan de calabaza on a plate.
Photo Credit: Maricruz Avalos Flores

Celebrate the flavors of autumn with Flan de Calabaza, a luscious pumpkin dessert ideal for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving gatherings. This simple delight, enriched with pumpkin puree, eggs, condensed milk, and aromatic spices. Get the recipe: Flan de Calabaza (pumpkin flan).

Maricruz Avalos Flores is a Mexican cook and photographer living in Italy where she shares authentic Mexican & Italian recipes that can be easily made at home using easy-to-find ingredients.

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