My name is Maricruz and this is my little creative space. I am Mexican, expatriate, living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome, Italy.

I’m a photographer, recipe writer, cappuccino addicted, cat lover, and curious traveler. Everything in one package.

I live in a small and sunny apartment near to the Vatican. Between the vespa’s noises, the laughter of tourists passing by my street and the St. Peter’s Basilica’s dome outlining in the distance; I create my recipes and photos trying to do my best to bring you delicious food for you eyes and soul.

Traveling is a life experience that I gift myself whenever I can, discovering new cultures, discovering new places and savoring local dishes are just part of the enrichment of it.

Meet my husband

My name is Massimiliano. I was born and raised in Rome. In addition to being the official video editor, proofreader and translator in Italian of my wife’s posts, I am also her personal assistant slave, but above all, I am especially passionate about wines and travel.

I travel since I can remember, visiting places and cultures different from mine. In addition to local wines and drinks, I also like gastronomy, especially the one that offers different flavors than the ones I grew up with. For some years now I have been fortunate enough to have my wife as a travel pal who, like me, is a curious person, eager to visit every single corner in the world.